End of Week 44 – Get Me Out Of March!!!

I haven’t weighed officially, but a quick glance tells me I’m up at least a couple of pounds.  Our house has been “sugar central” for several days mainly due to my husband’s birthday.

A co-worker lost her husband suddenly.  My husband spent 5 days in the hospital.  My mother passed away suddenly.  A different co-worker suddenly lost her mother-in-law and her aunt within a couple of days of each other.  All this month.  Shoot, even Easter is in March this year.  Not that there is anything wrong with Easter, but March is just too early!

Is it any wonder I want March to be over?  The only good thing is my husband’s birthday today.

Monday is April.  I’m hoping to start fresh and get back on track.  The weather should be warming.  I hope we see some spring flowers soon.  The male goldfinches should be turning bright yellow any time.  I want to get back to the gym twice each workday like I was doing last year.  It is what Mom would have wanted, but most of all, it is the only way I’ll start making progress again.

I think my diet buddies are looking forward to the end of winter as well.  One loves to run; another loves the beach; yet another simply hates winter weather, especially snow.  We each are looking forward to spring for our own reasons.    I’m hoping a change of season will clear my mind and help me write.  I need to work on a larger project.  Only time will tell.

Until next week….


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