End of Week 40 – There is hope…

Report: I weighed on Saturday, 3/2/13.  Weight, 268.  Down two pounds.  Total lost to date, 32 pounds.

After a week of good workouts and sticking to my eating plan, I lost two legitimate pounds.  Not water weight; not the result of being sick.  Real weight. Woo Hoo!!

It is becoming more difficult to keep the bird feeders full now that grackles are beginning to return.  Some of the bare tree branches are sprouting buds, and we are beginning to have a few days of warmer temperatures now and then.  Meteorological spring began March 1st; astronomical spring starts in about three weeks; daylight savings time starts in March and Easter is in March this year.  We are seeing light at the end of the cold, germ-filled tunnel of winter.

We’ve held our own through the gray skies, through the cold snaps, through Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We’ve endured the norovirus, headcolds, flu and just enough snow to be inconvenient.  We may not have made a lot of weight loss progress, but we haven’t lost a lot of ground either.

Now, however, is the time to gear up for warmer weather and the resumption of our journey through “The Land of the Great Equation.”  Remember, eating less plus moving more equals weight loss.

Until next week….


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