End of Week 39 – Starting from Scratch….

Report: Weighed Friday, 2/22/13.  Weight 270.  Gained 6 pounds, but I’m not surprised.

As I mentioned last week, the weight lost during my bout with the norovirus has returned.  I’m not sure if it has all returned because I also weighed Saturday morning and was 269.  Fluid can do funny things sometimes, which is why I don’t normally weigh more than once a week.

Honestly (as always), it took most of last week to really get back to feeling kind of normal.  I went to the gym most days, missing only Tuesday so I could get bloodwork done.  I stuck to my eating plan.  I know the weight came back because it was not really true weight loss in the first place.  Now, however, I feel as though I’m starting all over.

I’m not, I know, but I need a short term goal to get myself remotivated.  I have an appointment with my GP in two weeks, on March 7th.  Over the next two weeks I am going to try to start going to the gym twice per day again and see if I can tighten up my eating plan a little.  I just want to see if I can make a little more progress before the appointment.  It doesn’t have to be anything huge – a couple of pounds would be nice.

I’ve tried to take this semi-down time to take stock of what I am doing and try to think of improvements.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I drink a lot of water at work, but not at home.  That’s gotta change!  I definitely must start drinkiing more water at home.

I think the important thing now is to not get discouraged.  Seeing the scale go back up was not pleasant, but also not unexpected.  If I can really buckle down over the next two weeks, I think that will tell the true tale.  That will show what I can really do at this point.  If I can manage to not catch anything for a while, that would also help a lot.  I’m hoping I’ve finished with all that for this season.

If we have discovered anything over the last couple of months it is that losing weight in the winter is tough.  But there are signs that spring is getting ready to make an appearance.  Conditions will improve soon, I have no doubt!  We can do this!!

Until next week….


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