End of Week 38 – Good News/Bad News…

Report: Weighed on Friday, February 15, 2013.  Weight 264.  Down six pounds.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is some or all of it is likely to return.  I caught that awful stomach virus and haven’t eaten in a couple of days.  Between that, and what the body’s systems do while you are sick with this, it’s no wonder I’m down six pounds.  However, no one can stay like this and be healthy.  I have to start eating again and once my digestive system gets back on track at least some of the weight will come back as well.

I could say that this proves what human beings are full of, but why state the obvious?

I hate being sick, but this might kick-start my weight loss, not because of the pounds shed in the bathroom, but by paring my appetite somewhat.  If I’m very careful about what I eat, maybe I can take advantage of however much my stomach shrank during all this.  At least I hope it shrank.  I should get something out of all this misery.

Right now I’m realizing that feeling “better” does not necessarily mean all your strength has returned.  I think I’ll go rest for a while.

Until next week…..


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