End of Week 37 – Seeking Inspiration

Report: Weighed Friday, 2/8/13.  Weighed 270.5  Still have 3 and a half pounds to go to completely undo the holiday damage.

February has never been my favorite month.  Not sure why.  There are some very nice things that happen in February.  Top of the list is the birthday of my sister, Mary.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mary tomorrow, 2/11!!!  There is also St. Valentine’s Day.  We don’t do much for it, but the thought is nice.  And I enjoy watching the Westminster Dog Show on TV each February.  This year it is on the 11th and 12th.  Top it off with the fact that February is the shortest month, and I should love it.  But I don’t.  Must be the cold.

Correcting the holiday damage to my progress is proving to be difficult, so if you are having the same problem and feeling discouraged, don’t feel alone.  I’m staring in the same mirror!

So, where does inspiration come from this time of year?  From our minds, mostly.  I have to constantly remind myself that I was at 274, and now I am at 270, so I am moving in the correct direction.  If your scale is edging down, no matter how slowly, keep thinking about that.  Spring starts next month, and with spring comes daylight savings time!  If you like to exercise, or do other things, in the evenings; then this time change is for you!  Unfortunately, my main exercise is early in the morning so I get stuck in the dark for a time.  Oh, well.

I’m still imagining myself wearing smaller sizes, able to walk longer distances, having a true success story to relate, etc.  Since I love to write, my imagination is one of my best weapons.  And I want to be an inspiration to my diet buddies, the way they are an inspiration to me.

This has been “The Winter of the Pain in the Ass Snows.”  We’ve received two or three inches about once each week.  Just enough to be messy and inconvenient.  The good thing about that is it has not snowed enough to keep me from the gym.  While I have always said that if it is going to snow I want four feet, in reality that would just further hamper my weight loss efforts.  So, I remind myself that it is good to be able to get out on the road and attend to daily tasks.  We have not been snowed out of exercise.

Again, remember that this is a long term project.  We will come out of winter stronger and ready to face the warm weather (yes, it will return, really!), and we will do it together!

Until next week….


2 thoughts on “End of Week 37 – Seeking Inspiration

  1. Thank you Quinnie you give me hope and inspiration. I think I went crazy after the holidays with a very busy work month in January. I used food and sweets to give me some comfort after a hard day. I am now on the tread mill at lunch again and eating after.

    • I’m glad I can help, Carol! This is our year!! I don’t know about anyone else, but this is the year I get under 200. By the way, those bald eagle pics were fantastic! I’d love to see where you live someday.

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