End of Week 36 – Back to Plan…

Report: Weighed in on 2/1 at 272.  Five more pounds to go to fully correct holiday damage.

It’s Superbowl Sunday.  I care little about football and nothing for the teams involved.  Thank heaven for USA network and NCIS marathons!  If I were to root for one of the teams it would probably be the Ravens since their quarterback went to U of Delaware. Generally, I pay attention to football only when one of our three favorite teams is playing – my husband likes the Cincinnati Bengals; my son likes the Miami Dolphins; I root for anything out of St. Louis so I am a Rams fan.

Happy Birthday on Monday (2/4) to Kiaya, my son’s girlfriend.  Turning 20, embarking on a new decade of life!  Enjoy!

Last week was good for the plan.  I got to the gym Monday through Friday, and twice Monday through Thursday.  And I felt I was really back on my eating plan for the first time since Christmas.  I guess I needed a vacation, but like any vacation, you have to return sometime.

I think my husband is worried about my so called vacation.  He has asked twice, “You aren’t giving up, are you?”  No, I’m not.  I’ve always said this is a long term project, and like with anything long term I needed a break.  We are all like this, I think.  A change of pace is nice at times.

Even during the “interlude” (as I called it) I never went completely off the plan.  I tried to get to the gym and I still used my frozen breakfasts and lunches.  It just wasn’t quite as strict as it has been for the past six months. 

Now, however, I’m fully back on plan and I feel I’m ready for it.  We should want 2013 to be a year of accomplishment.  Let’s set our short term goals(maybe 6 months) and our longer term goals (year end) and let’s celebrate all the little progressions along the way.  We are still in the game.  WE CAN DO IT!!

Until next week….                                                                                      


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