New Year Interlude, Part 3

I’ve definitely gained.  I’m probably around 274 now.  We have resolved our septic problem so I can shower again.  That was last Tuesday.  I got to the gym the last three days of the week, but when my workouts get interrupted bad things happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to lose weight in the winter.  It is much more difficult to lose weight when it’s cold!  For example:

1.  I should get to the gym twice each day.  I have no problem convincing myself to go that second time when it is 95 degrees outside, but when the wind chill is making it feel like zero (that happened this week!), once I am inside I don’t go out again until I absolutely have to!

2.  I’m no scientist, but I think the body has a tendency to hold on to whatever it has to stay warm when the weather is really cold.

3.  Winter foods are heavier than summer foods.  I think we want more comfort food when it is cold.  I can eat salad everyday in the summer – even spring and fall – just as long as it isn’t really cold.  Salads just do not appeal to me in the cold weather.

4.  Unless you’re into winter sports, exercising outside is more difficult in the cold.  I am not into winter sports, at least not as a participant.

So, how can I combat this version of seasonal affective disorder?  I’m probably going to have to rely heavily on my psychological weapons – thinking about my goals, how I want to look and feel, that I want 2013 to be the year I got under 200, etc.  I’m also going to have to figure out how to make it easier to get myself to the gym that extra time.  Sometimes we just have to suck it up and push ourselves.  That may be what I have to do now.

As for the heavy foods, my only problem is dinner.  I’m still on my frozen breakfasts and lunches, and drinking lots of water.  Thank heaven those breakfasts and lunches are hot when I eat them!  To control dinner damage I’ll probably have to reevaluate my portions.

January ends next Thursday.  I really don’t want to extend this interlude beyond this month.  Things have to get back to normal – back on the full plan.  Winter can’t last forever, can it? LOL!

Until next week….


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