New Year Interlude, Part 2

Ok, I think I’m about 270 now, which means I need to lose about three more pounds to completely undo the holiday damage.  One more week and maybe I’ll have most of it done.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandmother, Elizabeth Lulu Marsden Matthes, born January 19, 1907.  She was my maternal grandmother and an inspirational woman.  Thank you, Mama, for my love of baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals, and for what I know about the value of patience and kindness.  What I didn’t learn from you directly I learned from your daughter, my mother (and my hero).  We have a large family, and it is good to see our family values passed down through the generations.

Well, I haven’t had much time to think about eating or exercising this past week.  We are wrestling with a malfunctioning septic system.  Promises to be time consuming and expensive.  However, thinking back I feel I stuck to the plan pretty well.  I am going to try to be even better this coming week despite the ongoing problems.

The worst problem will be that I can’t shower, and that may interfere with my workouts.  Until I have access to my shower I can’t get too sweaty.  I’ll be able to “sponge bath” well enough for going to work, but working out may be delayed.  The sooner this is solved, the better!

I hope you’re new year is starting better than mine.  But as they say, “this too shall pass.”  Things will get better, and we will continue with our project and be successful!

Until next week….


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