New Year Interlude, Part I

January 13, 2013.  As I mentioned last week, I am skipping the scale for a couple of weeks.  However, I have stuck to my eating plan and am back on my regular twice daily gym schedule.  I feel like I’m undoing the holiday damage.  I just don’t know how long it will take.

I figure I gained 6 or 7 pounds during the holidays, mostly at the end when things went a little crazy.  I was at 267, so that would make me 274 at worst last week.  I’ll probably get back on the scale this Friday and see how close I am to getting back to 267.

My wonderful husband has found a new product for me to try.  The Adkins people have come out with frozen breakfasts and lunches, much like Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine.  I have tried a couple, and they taste great, but there are some things to watch.  They have much more fat and much more sodium than the other brands.  What they don’t have is carbs.  Net carbs on all the ones I have tried is in single digits.  Of course, that is what Adkins is all about.

I am not on the Adkins diet.  I do not believe in cutting out any single food group.  I am using the Adkins product to try to control my carbs a little bit for the sake of my A1C,  I try to balance what I eat.  If I know dinner will have carbs like rice or potatoes, then I may have Adkins for lunch.  However, if I eat Adkins for breakfast or lunch then I really watch my fat and sodium the rest of the day.  The reason my husband bought them for me is that he knows I am not a big fan of potatoes (I love rice).  He is always trying to support our plan and help me be successful at it.  What a guy!

Until next week….


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