End of Week 31 – The Best Laid Plans….

Report: Weigh-in date, Friday, December 21, 2012.  Weight 269.  Up 2 pounds. Total loss to date 31 pounds.  It was bound to happen.

Happy Birthday (12/21) to my sister Carolyn!

Ok, things aren’t working out as I hoped.  Work has gotten a little crazy and messed up my plans for more exercise.  Trying to get things done for Christmas is not going as well as I would like.  My mom is trying to get through a health crisis and I am too far away to be of any use.  About the only thing that has gone the way I expected is the Mayan Apocalypse!  Good thing, I guess.

Right now I just want to get through year-end with my family and the rest of the world in one piece.

This is what stress does to even the best diet plans.  I’m sure you recognize it.  In my case, it’s not that I want to eat more under stress.  It’s that my mind is on things other than sticking to the plan and next thing I know I’m eating fast food or something sugary just because it is what’s available.  To use a phrase I heard on NCIS, stress is a “weapon of mass disruption”.

Honestly (as always), I don’t know how next week will go.  We have Christmas.  I am off from work after Christmas.  I’m hoping I’ll have a couple of relatively normal days and get to the gym as much as I can.  We must remind ourselves that sometimes we just have to “go with the flow”.  We will do the best we can, and not worry about it beyond that.  Fighting the current is usually futile.

Merry Christmas to all my family, friends and anyone else who happens to read this!  We will all be ok in the end – this too shall pass.

Until next week….


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