End of Week 28 – “Danger, Will Robinson!”

Report:  Weigh-in date Friday, November 30, 2012.  Weight, 267.  No change.  Total lost to date, 33 pounds.  At least I didn’t gain.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean eating gets easier.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s not the meals that get me; it’s the little goodies like cookies and fudge.  Ideally, I simply should not make these things.  And, yes, they are homemade.  Store bought cookies would not be a problem.

However, I like to bring Oatmeal Scotchies to the office each year and my husband promised our grandson he would receive “Oma’s cookies and fudge” in his Christmas package.  Of course, I am not allowed to make these things for others without making them for my husband and son as well.  And so, the dangerous goodies are in my house.

How do we counter sugar’s annual effort to undo all the good we have done for ourselves?  As usual, each person has to find out what works for them.  As for me, I make sure I don’t miss an exercise session if there is any way to avoid it.  I feel keeping up on exercise during the holidays is one of the best things we can do to minimize calorie catastrophe.

Of course, always watch portion sizes.  And there is always good old will power.  Some will find this is a good time to work on resistance – some won’t.  It is a very individual thing.  When you are tempted, it is sometimes a good idea to think about the goal you have set for yourself.  Picture you, celebrating the achievement of a weight you have been after for much of your adult life (if you are anything like me!).  Then get some water or some Propel (registered trademark) or a diet soda or whatever you like that won’t trip up your efforts.

Writing this I realize that there is one subject I have not touched upon – alcohol.  As always, I am going to be completely honest here.  I do not drink alcohol and neither do my husband or son.  This is not being judgmental.  It is simply a personal preference.  Since I do not drink I do not feel I know enough about alcohol to tell others what they should consider doing.  This much I do know – alcohol has lot of calories.  Beyond that, anyone concerned about how to handle alcohol while trying to lose weight would be well advised to speak with their doctor.

However you decide to survive this dangerous time of year; just remember that no matter what happens, you WILL survive.  There may be a little more of you, or a little less of you, when we all come out the other side in January, but we will emerge ready to dedicate ourselves to renewed progress.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go shopping for butterscotch fudge ingredients (LOL!!!).

Until next week….


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