End of Week 27 – The Need to Adjust….

Report: Weigh-in date Thursday, November 22, 2012.  Weight 267.  Down 1.0 pound.  Total lost to date, 33 pounds.  I feel good about this, especially at this time of year.

Hey, my mama didn’t raise no fool!

My normal weigh-in day is Friday, but anyone who weighs in the day after Thanksgiving is not thinking things through.  I’m a firm believer in consistency.  However, this week was a perfect example of why we need to be a little flexible at times if we are going to succeed in this project.

This is not a permanent change.  Next week I’ll go back to Friday.  In the meantime, I can enjoy Thanksgiving and have an extra 24 hours to undo any damage caused by all the goodies I know will be at my sister’s house.  Heck, I’m bringing some of them!

There are many ways to adjust to changing conditions.  I’m lucky this time in that the holiday required that I move my weigh-in only 24 hours.  If the timing for you isn’t quite so convenient you may need to move your weigh-in a couple of days, or you might have to skip a week completely.  Holidays are not the only reason this happens.  Travel, family emergencies, illness; all kinds of things can mess up our schedules.

The important thing is to keep your plan in mind, follow your eating and exercise rules as much as your circumstances allow, and get back to normal as soon as you can.  Most important – DO NOT LET INTERRUPTIONS MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY!  Stuff happens and there’s nothing we can do about it except adapt, recover and move on.  It’ll be ok.

Today I plan to eat what I want, but keep my portions small and try to limit the sugar.  In my usual spirit of balance and even-handedness, I am bringing a salad and a dozen cupcakes to the party.  I can resist the cupcakes, but I know there will be cookies, brownies, fudge, etc.  Those are the types of things that get me.  I will enjoy them, but only a little.  AND I WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY.

I am thankful for my family and friends; especially thankful for my diet buddies.  All my love and good thoughts go out to everyone.  I wish all a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Until next week….


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