End of Week 26 – Plodding Along…

Report: Weigh-in date,Friday, November 16, 2012.  Weight, 268.  Down .5 (half a pound).  Total lost to date, 32 pounds.  Well, at least it was down.

If there are 52 weeks in a year I am half way through the first year of this project – Journey Through the Land of the Great Equation.  I must admit I was hoping to have lost more weight at this point, but 32 pounds is 32 pounds and I’m better off than when I started.  This represents the repair of all the damage done during my injuries and other interruptions in recent weeks.  Now to move forward.

I think the reason I lost only half a pound this week is that I felt I had to cut back on my gym workouts.  Of all the interruptions happening this time of year, one of the worst is renewal season at work.  My office issues licenses and they have to be renewed annually.  They all renew at the same time – the end of the calendar year.  This makes Fall and the holiday season very labor intensive at my workplace.  This week I got to the gym every day, but only once per day.  My body expects me to go twice.

Next week I’m going to go twice per day and let the office work fall where it may.  This is important since next week is Thanksgiving and on Thursday I won’t be at the gym at all.  Two workouts are essential Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I always give myself a small break and limit Fridays to a single workout.  I will lose weight next week – I don’t care if it is only half a pound again as long as it is down.

So, how do you plan to handle the temptations of Thanksgiving dinner?

If you have been traveling with me on this journey then you have already developed good habits like knowing what foods to choose and limiting your portions.  I really don’t think Thanksgiving dinner is going to be a problem – a little turkey, a little ham, a little dressing, more green veggies and I’m good to go.  Dessert may be a little more difficult.  I know what my family makes for dessert and I LOVE every one of them!  However, I’ll just pick a couple of my favorites and have a small portion of each knowing that Friday morning I will be back at the gym.

I am thankful for my life – my family, my work, my friends.  I am especially thankful for my diet buddies and my husband, without whose support this would be so much more difficult.  So, here we go into the second 26-weeks of our journey.  Onward and downward!!

Until next week…


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