End of Week 25 – Did I Say Normal??

Report: Weigh-in date, Friday November 9, 2012.  Weight, 268.5.  Down 1.5 pounds. Total lost to date, 31.5.  I hope I’m back on track.

Last week was anything but normal.  I can’t figure out why I ever thought it would be.

Tuesday was election day.  How I feel about the outcome is not of consequence.  As far as this project is concerned, the important thing is that the office was closed and I was at home (when I wasn’t voting).  I’m discovering it is much easier to stick to this plan from the office than from home.  We are a food loving family.  All our good times have always included food in some way.  Like many people, we love all the food that is bad for us and we have fun when we eat together.

All projects have their challenges.  This is the biggest challenge for this project – I must learn to stick to my plan when I’m places other than my office, especially at home.  I did go to the gym, which is probably why I lost anything at all.  Unfortunately, I did not get all my workouts.  I went once a day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I did not go the second time and I took Friday off because I’m dealing with ANOTHER muscular injury.  This time it is the muscles around my tailbone, all the way across.

When my middle back went out and my right side sciatic acted up I found that limited exercise and rest seemed to help.  Consequently, that is what I did this time.  Seems to be helping again.  I’m hoping this traveling injury will go away soon.  There aren’t that many areas of my back left!

Next week my office is closed Monday for Veterans’ Day.  After that things should be (dare I say it??) normal.  Yeah, right.  I’ll believe it when I’ve experienced it.  However, if the last few weeks have taught me anything it’s that the goal of this project is a change of lifestyle and that means being able to maintain when conditions are not “normal.”  We will meet these challenges and we will figure out how to continue losing weight even when we are not in our usual situations.  WE CAN DO IT!!!

Until next week….


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