End of Week 23 – Back to Business

Report: Weigh-in date October 26, 2012.  Weight 268. Down 2.0.  Total lost since Memorial Day, 32 pounds.  I had a normal week with no appointments and no missed gym sessions – and I lost two pounds.  Looks like the plan is back!

Well, if it isn’t one thing it’s another.  Seems that when I was dealing with my back I did something to a muscle in my rear and that is making my sciatic nerve act up on the right side.  The good news is this won’t make me stop exercising.  In fact, it feels much better when I’m on the elliptical.  I’m taking ibuprofin and being careful so it doesn’t get worse.  It also doesn’t keep me from sleeping, thank heaven!!

The other piece of news this week is (are you ready for this?) FRANKENSTORM.  Hurricane Sandy is coming to visit her snowstorm cousin from the mid-west and Auntie Arctic AirMass from the north.  For some reason, they decided the mid-atlantic area is the best place for a family reunion.  According to the meteorological pundits, the effects of this storm will be felt from Maine to Florida and as far inland as Ohio, with the worst hitting the New York to Washington megalopolis corridor.  In other words, find the most people, where the most damage can be done, and that is where this storm will be!

When I heard someone (a man named Cisco, I believe) had coined the name “Frankenstorm”, all I could think was, “Wow. We’ve all been cast in one of those delightfully tacky SyFy Original movies!!”

I live in Delaware and we are going to get a direct hit from Sandy.  We know it.  There is no question.  Delaware is completely on a peninsula with the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic to our east and the Chesapeake Bay just a short hop across a small part of Maryland to our west.  We get Nor’easters and other types of storms all the time and our concerns are always the same – the safety of those living along the coast and power.  Needless to say, I’m going battery hunting today!

I hope this storm doesn’t mess up my plan for the next week.  The forecasters are saying once the three parts collide the whole system will stall out over us and last most of the week.  I don’t want to lose any more time at the gym, but it all depends on how bad the storm gets and whether the gym has power.

This is a perfect example of how things completely out of our control can keep us from following a good plan, even if there is nothing wrong medically (like my back).  All we can do is the best we can under the circumstances.  Exercise at home if possible.  Don’t overeat.  Have a supply of water.  Stay safe.  Above all, do not feel guilty if things out of your control keep you from your plan.  Think “damage control.”  I’m hoping this storm turns out to be a case of Chicken Little (“The sky is falling!”), but I’m preparing for the worst.  We’ll see.

Until next week….


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