End of Week 18 – Change is the Only Constant

Report: Weigh-in date Friday September 21, 2012.  Weight 271.0.  Down 3.0.  Total loss at the end of 18 weeks, 29 pounds.  This was a very encouraging week.  Now, if I don’t go into a “down” cycle I may be able to change the “tens” digit in both my weight and my “total lost” figures next week!  Hopefully, two weeks at the most.


The cricket invasion is running its course.  The stinkbugs have just come out of hiding, or hatched, or whatever.  The autumnal equinox has come and gone. 

The leaves are barely starting to shed their green chlorophyll and show their true colors.  The heat of this record setting summer has finally broken.  Days are pleasant; nights are cooling.  It appears we have arrived at the transitional season of Fall.   

I love Spring and Fall, but Fall is my favorite because it is followed by Winter, and I prefer Winter to Summer.  The weather is not the only thing that transitions during these seasons.  For those of us living in a changeable, temperate climate everything about our lives has to transition at the same time.  Our clothing changes slowly from light to heavy; from wearing no sleeves to wearing hoodies and winter coats.  We turn off our air conditioning and open our windows for as long as we can; until we are forced to turn on the heat.

Even our food changes.  This is the most important transition for those of us trying to shed excess weight, regardless of age.  In the warm weather I have no problem eating a lot of salads and drinking a lot of water.  It is refreshing.  When the weather gets cooler, the last thing I want to eat is rabbit food that begins with the word “iceberg,” or anything else cold (except ice cream – the god of all foods).  My appetite turns to soups, stews and other hardy, hot meals.

We need to put a lot of thought into our cool weather menus if we want to avoid sabotaging ourselves.  Face it; we’ve made too much progress since Spring to let this change stop us from losing.

Soups are not a problem.  Just avoid the cream based varieties.  Keep to vegetable, vegetable beef, various types of chicken soups, and others with clear tomato, beef or chicken stock.  If you dearly love cream soups (I do!) just save that indulgence for special occasions like your weigh-in day treat, when you go out to eat, or as a small food reward for meeting a weight loss goal.

Stews are heavier than soups, but that’s ok.  As always, the secret is portion control.  Know what is in the stew and just don’t overdo it.  The same goes for other heavy cold weather dishes that feature pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.  Eat smaller portions of the heavy foods and larger portions of the hot vegetables.  The old saying is that knowledge is power.  In the case of this project knowledge is progress!  Know what you’re putting into your mouth!

With the weather getting cooler, I’m glad I have been eating prepared dishes (such as the Smart Ones (Weight Watchers) and Lean Cuisine (Stouffers) mentioned in previous weeks) for breakfast and lunch.  No adjustment is needed there, which is much easier.

As our environment changes and we have to cope, the same two rules that we have had from the beginning still apply: Eat less + Move More = Weight Loss; and figure out what works for you.  We’ve just addressed “eat less.”  Soon we will address “move more.”  Remember, this is all part of changing our lifestyles.  Mother Nature can’t get the best of us!

Until next week…


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