End of Week 14 – Dance to the Music….

Report: Weigh-in date Friday, August 24, 2012.  Weight 278.0.  Down 1.0.  Total loss at the end of fourteen weeks, 22 pounds.  Not only did I not plateau, I found out why the loss slowed.  That is part of what will be discussed below.


One of the most important aspects of long-term significant weight loss, at least in my non-expert opinion, is maintaining a positive attitude.  Having diet buddies helps with that a lot.  However, with my annual physical looming last week and my weight loss slowing, even I was having trouble finding anything good in the current situation.

That has now changed, thanks in part to what I normally dread – my annual physical.                 

I wasn’t dreading it as much as usual.  As I mentioned earlier, I weigh less than the last time I saw the doctor and I was able to honestly tell him I am following a plan for eating and exercising.  But let’s face it, physicals are no fun.

After going through all the preliminaries with his very nice nurse, I sat on the examination table while the doctor looked at me and my lab results.  He asked how the weight loss was going.  I mentioned how it was slowing recently.  He flipped through the lab results, looked at a particular section and very matter-of-factly said, “Well, that’s probably because you have a bladder infection.”


I was completely surprised.  I have no symptoms, unless those weird minor pains in my lower abdomen-groin-hip area are from that.  I thought I hurt because I am overweight.  Having a bladder infection explains a lot!  Again, I’m no expert, but almost everyone knows that if the body thinks it is sick it holds on to everything it has for as long as it can, “thinking” it needs it all to get better.  No wonder my weight loss slowed.  So, now I am taking an antibiotic for a week to clear it up.

What does all this have to do with a positive attitude?

In a nutshell, it reminded me that if you look at almost anything hard enough and long enough you will find a reason to at least smile, if not actually celebrate.

Although I am as uncomfortable as anyone during a visit to the doctor, I left happy that the nurse noticed I was eight pounds lighter than the same time last year (obviously, I gained some after that point).  I left happy there was a reason my weight loss had slowed, and that the doctor saw it so it can be corrected.  I found further reason to celebrate when I weighed in the next day and lost a full pound, despite the infection. 

Hey, at the very least I’m happy that I have some time to lose some more weight before I have to go back in February!        

I am not always so optimistic.  Sometimes I get upset or frustrated, like anyone does.  However, I have found it is a lot easier to stick to my plan when I concentrate on the positive and look for reasons to celebrate, no matter how small.

Us getting smaller – now that’s a reason to celebrate!  It’ll happen!  We’ll get there together!

Until next week….


8 thoughts on “End of Week 14 – Dance to the Music….

  1. Way to go Quinn. I have been where you are and I still need to lose some more. Two things work best for me. One is being busy with work or something else to the point that I forget about eating. The other is to not bring certain foods in the house and to make sure other foods are in the house. I love fresh leafy spinach in the bag from the grocery store. I eat it like a bag of chips or put it in a whole wheat sandwich or make a salad.

    • Hi, Richard! Thanks for the comment! I love fresh spinach as well. This blog is one of my main weapons. If I know I’m going to write each week, I’ll make myself behave so that I have something positive to report. Since I love to write it is working so far. I just keep reminding myself that this is a REALLY long term project. By the time I get where I need to be, the blog could be a book! LOL!

  2. Hey Quinn, I noticed “plateaus” coincided with my period each month. Now that I am menopausal my weight loss is more consistent. I also slow down or don’t loose weight when I change my workout routine. I focus on how much happier I am rather than weight loss and this helps me be consistent and keep with it. I recently went 3 months of no weight loss after loosing 50 pounds. I actually gained 5. This seems to be related too adding strength training to my workout. Anyway, now I have lost the 5 I gained and you should see my guns (biceps). I haven’t had a chance to read through all your entries but I am interested in hearing if you are having less joint pain, feel more energetic and happier. I hope so.

    • Hi, Barbara! I’ve long passed menopause – it happened early and suddenly for me – but I can relate to the resistance training. Muscle weighs more than fat, and resistance training will do exactly what you described. Yes, I feel better overall. You’ll see some of that in my other posts. I hope you enjoy these! Thanks for reading!

  3. Keep it up, Quinn! I am proud of you! It is not easy. I particularly love the way you find ways to be optimistic, smile and celebrate. And additional comments such as “Be good to yourself; you deserve it.”

    • Hi, Sandi! Thanks for the comment! Please feel free to share the site with anyone you think might relate to the struggle or get something positive from what I’m writing. I love hearing from others who can relate! Hope you’re not being affected by Isaac!

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