End of Week 13 – The Road Not Taken…

Report: Weigh-in date Friday, August 17, 2012.  Weight 279.0.  Down .5.  Total loss at the end of thirteen weeks, 21 pounds.  Weight loss seems to be slowing.  I hope I’m not heading for a major plateau!  Slowing down is frustrating enough.

I was particularly strict keeping myself on my plan this week.  I didn’t cut anything out, but I made sure I didn’t eat anything extra.  Except for an appointment Thursday afternoon I made it to the gym at all the planned times.  But Friday morning there I was, standing on the scale, staring at the weights and trying to figure a way to threaten, plead or cajole them to move more to the left.  Didn’t work.

Anyone who has fought this battle as long as I have will tell you that when this happens there is only one thing that counts – how you react.  I don’t know who said it originally, but I’ve always heard that how we react is the only thing we can truly control in life.

So, how should I react to this lack of progress?  There are two types of reactions, positive and negative.  I could give in to my urge to not worry about what I eat anymore.  Enjoy what I want, when I want; relax with a book instead of going to the gym.  Tempting as that sounds, it is also a depressing thought.  If I follow that path I’ll never realize any of those dreams I mentioned in an earlier post – never look better in clothes, never take long walks, never be a success story.  A negative reaction may be more comfortable, but it also screams the one word I am most afraid of confronting, “failure”.  Do I rely on medication to stabilize my blood pressure and cholesterol the rest of my life?  Or, do I continue to do what it takes to see how much of that medicine I can someday throw out?

I am opting to react positively.

I will continue to follow my plan.  If weight loss is cyclical, as I suspect, then I will get through this slow period and eventually lose more weight (a pound or two per week).  By sticking to the plan I am avoiding two destructive situations.  At the very least, I won’t lose any ground.  I will still be 20 pounds lighter than when I started.  And, I will not feel the guilt of failure – I will not feel like a quitter.  Maintaining the progress I’ve made so far is worth a little self-discipline and sacrifice, but I’m still going to try to lose more.

I’m not making any major changes to the plan.  It is still based on the ever present equation, “eat less + move more = weight loss”, and I’ll continue to eat what I have and exercise as I have to this point.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and lose a pound or two before my annual physical on Thursday this week, maybe not.

It doesn’t matter.  This is a long term project and I intend to see it through to the finish line.  Besides, I can’t give up.  My diet buddies would never allow it, thank God!!

Until next week…


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