End of Week 12 – A Matter of Perspective

Report: Weigh-in date Friday, August 10, 2012.  Weight 279.5.  Down 1.0.  Total loss at the end of twelve weeks, 20.5 pounds.  Not as exciting as losing 3 pounds, but down is better than up, AND I finally broke the 20 pound mark!


Most people think of twelve weeks as the equivalent of three months, or a quarter of the year.  I started this project on May 20th with my first post at the end of my first complete week on May 28th.   Today is August 11th, so this may be twelve weeks, but we are still about two and a half weeks away from three calendar months having passed.  I guess it’s all in your perspective.

When you decide to pursue a project like this; it’s amazing how much of your attention it takes.  This year, 2012, has been eventful – just look at this past week.  The Olympic Games were on every day and the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, announced his running mate.  But you know what?  None of that has any effect on my life.  Oh, I follow it.  I love the news.  However, in the grand scheme of what I really need to know to survive day to day, that stuff isn’t even on the list.

But you can bet your quickly reducing butt that following my plan is close to, if not at, the top of that list.

As the weekly weigh-ins accumulate and what I weigh goes down (at least so far), my perspective on my daily life is changing.  It’s not “what am I going to wear” – it’s “have I packed my work clothes” because I always dress in my workout clothes.  It’s not “do I have chocolate” – it’s “do I have enough plums (or drink powder, or diet meals)” because my eating habits have truly changed.  I no longer dread going to the gym – I look forward to it and feel bad if I can’t.

Do you hate to go to the doctor?   Of course, because no one wants have their physical and get weighed when they are obese.  My annual exam by my family doctor is in two weeks, and for the first time in forever I’m not dreading it!  Sure, I’m still obese, but I’m making progress, I can show my doctor a real plan that is working for me, and I actually weigh less than I did the last time I was in his office.

I used to avoid going to the mall and other places with parking lots and distance to traverse.  I felt I could not walk any distance without my back muscles cramping.  The change was so gradual, I almost didn’t notice.  Then, one day my husband looked at me and said, “Wow!  You look like you’re walking a lot better!”  I realized I had stopped thinking about whether I could handle going to these places!

I’ve completely stopped getting second helpings at meals.  I’ve learned how to portion my food at dinner – not just having small portions, but also knowing which foods I should eat more of (broccoli) and which I don’t need (starches).

Yes, this is on my mind a lot, but it’s getting easier and easier to simply live by my new rules.  I guess that’s what all the experts mean by “lifestyle change”.  Remember, the first step is to find what works for you.  Then, stick to it.  You’ll find yourself on the “weight loss” side of the equation with a brand new life!  And I’ll be cheering for you the whole way!

Until next week….


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