End of Week Eight – Water Works

Report: Weigh-in date Friday, July 13, 2012.  Weight 286.  Down 1.0.  Total loss at the end of eight weeks, 14 pounds.  Well, I guess I can’t expect to drop two pounds every week.  The losses seem to be alternating.  One week will be a pound or a pound and a half; the next week will be two pounds.  I’m sure weight loss is cyclical, just like everything else having to do with nature and the human body.  I’m not counting on that, though.  This coming week I could just as easily hit a plateau and not lose an ounce.

I am a creature of habit.  After 8 weeks I think I can safely say I have developed some new habits associated with my effort to lose weight.  I am happiest when my Monday through Friday life is predictable and consistent, and since I have lost weight each of these eight weeks, I’d say this is working for me.

So, what is my typical day, Monday through Friday?

I get up between 5:45am and 6am.  Getting ready for work I make sure I have my work clothes packed in my tote bag and I dress in my gym clothes.  The only things I consume before leaving the house around 6:45am are water, meds and a vitamin. 

I drive to the gym where I spend 25 to 30 minutes on the elliptical.

I drive to the office where I use hand weights to work on my arms and shoulders before work.  I change my clothes and while I am working I have breakfast – something by SmartOnes (registered trademark of Weight Watchers) from the grocery store.  It is important that I finish breakfast by 9am so I am not full at 11am.  I also drink a lot of water, usually with Propel (registered trademark) mixed in.  Sometimes I’ll have a cup of Chai tea.

Around 10:45am I change back into my workout clothes and drive to the gym where I spend another 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Upon returning to the office I change back into my work clothes and have a snack of a string cheese, a plum, 600mg of calcium, and, of course, lots of Propel water, while I am working.  Around 2pm I take a mental break, have a lunch of either a SmartOnes or a Lean Cuisine (registered trademark of Stouffers) and do a little reading. 

I drink water the whole time.

Work is over at 4:30pm.  I’m home by 5 and my retired husband fixes dinner (yes – I’m completely spoiled!), which we eat with the 6pm news.  I drink skim milk with dinner.  My husband doesn’t cook anything special because I’m trying to lose weight.  I’m just lucky that he prepares healthy dishes, for the most part.  Of course, I watch the size of my portions.  And drink water, always water.  My evening snack consists of a SmartOnes dessert.

I’m in bed before 11pm so I get close to 8 hours of sleep.

Not a very exciting life, but I’ve never needed a lot of excitement to be happy.

So that’s my plan to lose weight.  Daily exercise Monday through Friday.    Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, snack, and water.  LOTS of water.  If I ever name this plan, maybe it’ll be “The Float-Away Diet”; or, “The Just Move My Desk To The Bathroom Diet”.

It fits my life and the way I want to live it.  However, as I’ve said since the beginning of all this, it may not work for you.  The whole point is each person needs to find out what works for them and fit it around the way they live.  Whatever you do, as long as you “eat less + move more”, the result should be “= weight loss.”

See you in the restroom!

Until next week….


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