End of Week 3 – Support Equals Success

Report: Weigh-in date Friday, June 8, 2012.  Weight 294, down 2 pounds.  Total lost after three weeks, 6 pounds.  At least my honesty can be positive this week!  I had a very consistent week – consistently good.  Exercised each day, ate what I should and avoided what I needed to avoid.  I even resisted Friday’s office luncheon.

Today I am thinking about how lucky I am.  I have wonderful people in my life.  This post is about them.

I have a friend at work.  We are “diet buddies.”  She is not nearly as heavy as I am, but her concerns are the same – blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, bone joints, general health as we age.  In fact, I would say everyone in my area at the office spends time discussing this subject, but my buddy and I encourage each other daily.  Good thing, too, because if there is one emotion that becomes evident when a person realizes he or she has to lose weight, it is resentment.

My buddy and I agree; we resent having to watch what we eat.  We resent watching others who are always slender munching away on sweet and salty snacks.  Life is not fair – we know that, and we do not claim it has to be, but that does not take away the indignation we feel.  However, being able to gripe to each other does.  At least, it helps us keep it under control so it does not sabotage our weight loss efforts.  We end each conversation with a positive, “We’re gonna do this!”  This project would be much more difficult without my buddy.

I hope anyone reading this has a “significant other,” whether spouse, life partner, or less formal romantic interest, who can support them the way my husband supports me.  After more than 30 years married I can honestly say he has never bugged me about my weight (I was heavy when we met).  He has always loved me just the way I am, and yet he manages to be supportive when I try to correct my flaws.  He is always able to tell when I get serious about wanting to accomplish something, and he finds a way to help.  He is retired and has more time at home than I do.  Three weeks ago he went to the store and bought “diet” breakfasts and lunches – things like Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones (both trademarked names, Stouffers and Weight Watchers respectively) – for me to take to the office.  I never asked; he just knew what would help.  He does a lot of the cooking at home and has tried to include more vegetables, even if I am the only one eating them.  Maybe I could do this without him, but it would be torture.

Our son (age 23) takes after his father in all the good ways.  He never mentions my weight except to get annoyed when I get down on myself.  He is my workout cheerleader; we encourage each other to get to the gym and exercise.  My mother lives in another state, but she never misses a chance to tell me how great I look and that if I want to lose weight, I will, she is sure of it.  She is the most steadfast optimist I know.

I could go on, but you get the idea.  There is nothing fun about having to lose weight.  It is just something I have to do if I am going to stop contributing to the obesity epidemic.  However, as miserable as dieting can be, I can think of something worse – dieting alone.

Until next week….


1 thought on “End of Week 3 – Support Equals Success

  1. I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks. It is like looking in a mirror. You write how I feel. I am also in the “over 50” age group and have found it to be a struggle to get weight off. Health has become a real issue for me. I worry about the heart, diabetes, joints,etc. I too have a diet buddy. A buddy is a great support system for any one dieting. We support and encourage each other and if we were “bad” we encourage each other even more. We will do this. It may not be in 6 months or a year, but it can and will be done. It took ten years to look like this. I have to be patient.

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