End of Week 2 – Exercise? Who has time?

Report: Weigh-in Friday, June 1, 2012, 296 pounds.  Total loss to date: 4 pounds

June has arrived. Yippee. I have a birthday this month. Yippee again. In keeping with my policy of “total honesty” – I will be turning 59 in a couple of weeks. More on that when the time comes.

I guess I was as consistent last week as circumstances allowed. I did not get to the gym on my last weigh-in day (May 25th) because I was traveling to my Mom’s, and I did not get there the following Monday because it was Memorial Day. Taking it all into account, losing one pound is better than gaining it.

So, on to the continuing discussion of just how we go about this gargantuan task of losing weight as we get older. Eating less does not work very well without exercise. In the “eat less + move more = weight loss” equation, how do we move more? The problem has two parts – accessibility and content. This post will focus on accessibility. Again, I am not an expert. I am just posting my honest observations and opinions.

How many times have we said, “I don’t have time to [insert your favorite name for exercising here]?” I remember a long time ago, a doctor told me to “make time!” He was trying to tell me I needed to look at what I considered important. The first step to getting exercise is to move it up the list of priorities. It may not be at the very top, but it needs to be close. Once you have convinced yourself it is important to get exercise; you will find a way to work it into your daily life.  This takes some analysis because each person’s circumstances are different.

Each person must evaluate their individual circumstances. Many written works on weight loss try to give readers specific workout plans, exercises, etc. These are great for determining what you can do after you figure out when your circumstances allow for exercise. In my case, there is a gym close to my office where I have a basic membership that costs just $10 per month. I am a “morning person.” I have an office at work in which I can change clothes. I work a regular 8 to 4:30 schedule for a small state agency that has minimal public walk-in traffic, and the head of our agency is a great guy who supports wellness efforts and physical fitness. These circumstances allow for early morning workouts at the gym, before I get to work. When I decided I needed to increase my exercise I started going at 11am as well, as part of my lunch hour.

This arrangement works for me and my circumstances.  It may not work for you. Only you can figure out what works for your circumstances. Not everyone has convenient access to a gym, or the money to pay for a membership. Perhaps your employer has a workout area. Is there a walking path or area with sidewalks nearby? Is there an enclosed shopping mall where you can walk? Does your building have flights of stairs? Still stumped? Is there a way you can exercise at home before or after work?  Ask co-workers whose circumstances are similar to yours how they fit exercise into their lives.

Once you figure out how to get time to exercise, figuring out which exercises to include is not so difficult, but that is a subject for another post.

Until next week….


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