End of Week 1 – It’s all about the goals.

During this journey the beginning of each post will consist of an honest report of progress.

Report: Weigh in date May 25, 2012. Three down, ninety-seven to go.  I was 300 pounds last weekend.  I decided Friday will be my weigh-in day.  Last Friday I was 297.  Probably water weight considering my ankles have stopped swelling.  I can live with that.

You must have a goal.  It does not matter how old you are or how heavy you are.  All self-improvement plans, including  weight loss,  use goals as their foundations.  Most talk about long-term versus short-term goals, and that is ok as far as it goes.

I have decided that what I have tried in the past, or perhaps my mindset regarding those efforts, has not worked for me.  This time I need to change what I do and/or the way I think about it.  One of the fundamental rules of goal setting is that the goal must be measurable.  For this reason, goals are usually about numbers.  A long term goal might be to lose 100 pounds.  A short term goal might be to lose 10.  Numbers are easily measured.

This time I am going to  express my goal in a word.  Consistency.  I will still have the numbers to record my progress, if any, but I now realize that the only way to instill a permanent lifestyle change is to be consistent.  If I go to the gym five days a week and drop 20 pounds, only to reduce my exercise to three days a week, what is the point?  Ok, so my goal is two words – realistic consistency.  Burnout is self-defeating.

I will know I am being consistent if I make slow, steady progress (ah, yes, back to the numbers!).  My short term goal is to change the numbers.  My long term goal is to change my life.

Until next week…


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