A Long Journey

My name is Quinn.  I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life and currently weigh more than I ever have.   Like most overweight people, I’ve tried many different weight loss plans and I’ve come to realize some things.  I am not any type of expert – these are just honest observations from someone who has been there a long time.

First, weight loss is math.  If you  burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight.  The hard part is maintaining the correct equation.

Second, overall health is important and good overall health is a balance of various nutrients.  Starvation, whether total or of a particular food group, is not the answer.

Third, the Baby Boomers (that’s me!) are a very large group and we are aging.  We must accept the fact that we require more time to successfully lose weight.  We have to get over our expectations of “instant gratification”.  Those days are gone, folks!

With these things in mind, I’m going to try to figure out what I need to do to lose weight.  So, I’m starting with the basic premise “less food, more movement” – the question is, how?  One of my main problems is sticking to whatever plans I devise.  That is one reason for this blog.  If I make myself write about what I am doing and my progress (if any), and am REALLY honest about it, perhaps I will not stray as much.

Another reason I’ve decided to record this experience is that I hope, if I am successful, I can help others like me – that is, other Boomers finding themselves in their late 50s or beyond, contributing their fair share to America’s obesity epidemic and trying to find exercise that doesn’t put more stress on already delicate knees.

Future posts will share what I’m changing about my eating and my exercise, as I figure it out.  Honestly, this record is mostly for me, but if anyone wants to follow the story I hope I’ll be sharing a good, cheap way to lose weight that is tailored to me and my middle-aged friends.  Here is my first stab at total honesty – I’m starting this at 300 pounds (gasp! choke!).  Let the journey begin.


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