End of Week 317 – If You Can’t Dazzle ‘Em With Brilliance…


Well, another week has come and gone. During the birthday/fathers day period I picked up a few pounds (less than 5, but still too many), but this morning it appears I’ve lost them again. That tells me a lot of it was water weight. Got to the gym twice. Gonna shoot for at least 3 times this coming week. Baby steps.

Like this week’s picture? It is my handsome male cat, Sleuthy. I have better pictures of him, but I’m using this because it truly represents how I’ve felt about what has been happening in the US lately. I look a lot like this when confronted with the idiocy spouted by members of the SCROTUS administration, or by SCROTUS himself. I look a lot like this when changes in policy make the US look more like Germany of the late 1930s. I look a lot like this when celebrities use the problems we face as a way to put themselves in the spotlight. If they do something truly helpful then ok. That is a good use of celebrity. But every so often we see someone acting foolish or saying things that don’t make sense. We don’t need that. It just hurts our resistance efforts.

I looked a lot like this while the immigration drama unfolded this past week. I honestly think the breadth of the opposition to the family separation policy took SCROTUS and his minions by surprise. They spent a lot of time blaming the Democrats, saying it was a law; that they were forced to take the children because the Dems would not vote to change the law; that it was not a policy and there was absolutely nothing they could do. And then SCROTUS stopped the non-policy, at least temporarily, with a unilateral executive order.

He pretty much had to. Just about the only people who supported taking immigrating kids from their immigrating parents were SCROTUS, Sessions, Nielsen (Homeland Security), Miller (political advisor), Sanders (press sec), and possibly a lot of his blue-collar base. The majority of the public, all the congressional Democrats, and a good portion of the congressional GOP were against it and were very vocal about it. Once SCROTUS signed the order he tried to take credit for solving the problem. Of course, if  someone is hitting you over and over you don’t call them a hero because they decide to stop hitting. Many people wasted no time reminding SCROTUS of this.

While all this was going on Congress, specifically the GOP part, was trying to pass a bill on immigration. They were not successful. SCROTUS told anyone who would listen that a bill could not be passed because the Dems were obstructing it. Another lie. The bills never got to the point of allowing the Dems to even try to obstruct. The real problem is that the GOP is divided into 2 camps: the somewhat-more-moderates and the ultra-conservatives. Each group had its own version of an immigration bill, and neither group would support the other’s version. Consequently, nothing ever reached the floor of either house for a vote.

Meantime, the public does not forget atrocities quickly. Members of the SCROTUS administration have found themselves confronted by citizens while leaving the theater, or asked to leave a restaurant. Excursions into public may be a problem for these people in the short-term – at least until the news cycle comes around. Shouldn’t be too long. I’m sure another preposterous situation will be created by this administration soon.

The immigration atrocity has produced its share of low moments. If you’d like a complete list, read “Womp My Gorilla” by Clay Jones. He is a self-syndicated political cartoonist and blogs on WordPress. He’s my favorite political cartoonist. As Mr. Jones mentions, some highlights from this past week include Corey Lewandowski making fun of a 10-year-old with Downs Syndrome, Laura Ingraham calling the detention centers “summer camps”, and Ann Coulter calling the separated children “child actors”.

However, the award for facepalm move of the week goes to Melania Trump. She decided to visit a detention center. Of course, she saw only a small, completely cleaned, sanitized, and carefully scripted detention center. But, that’s not the facepalm move. When boarding the jet to leave Andrews everyone noticed that on the back of the jacket she was wearing were the words, “I REALLY DON’T CARE. DO U?” I did not add the “all caps”; that’s how it was written on the coat.

When I first saw the photo of the coat with those words I honestly felt it had to be photoshopped. I spent a lot of time researching and verifying, only to discover she really did wear a jacket that said that. Hence, the facepalm award.

Finally, SCROTUS decided to try to counter the protests against his “zero tolerance” kidnapping scheme by holding a staged, scripted photo-op in the White House with several “angel families” – people who have lost a family member because they were killed by an illegal alien. Don’t get me wrong; what happened to them is horrible and I hope each and every perpetrator was brought to justice. However, it disturbs me that these people allowed themselves to be used and politicized by SCROTUS.

You might say, “Wait. Isn’t the other side politicizing those separated children?” Yes, but those children are in an intolerable situation that needs to end now. The separation is not something that happened before that we are holding up as an example. And pointing out a current atrocity does not negate the problems with SCROTUS’ angel family stunt.

Of course, the problems are not with the families, but with SCROTUS. The purpose behind his little show was to make us all think all immigrants from the south are murderers, drug dealers, or both. He is playing to the irrational fears of his older, white, resistant-to-change base  (and I can say that since I am also older and white). This is exactly what Hitler did to demonize the Jewish population in 1930s Germany, so that he could enact extreme measures against them. Truth be told, I hate “Hitler comparisons”, but this is due to a specific practice that is happening again.

Yeah, I’ve looked like Sleuthy a lot lately. Also, this keeps popping into my mind: Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

Until next week….


End of Week 316 – Happy Fathers’ Day from SCROTUS….


I’m still exercising and trying to eat correctly. Not sure how much good it is doing, but to be honest I’m not worrying about it too much right now. Fathers’ Day is today and my birthday is tomorrow (which is more important to those around me than to me) so I’m not worrying about my eating at the moment. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

There were some midterm primaries last Tuesday. The most interesting thing about them was that in one state the GOP voters actually nominated a pimp. That’s right. A brothel owner won a GOP nomination to run for congress. It happened in Nevada and pretty much cemented my opinion that the GOP of my mother’s time is completely gone. I may not have agreed with that GOP, but I could at least respect their civility and decency.

Of course, that was not the only thing that convinced me the GOP has self-destructed, but it was the only thing that did not directly involve SCROTUS. SCROTUS had a very busy week. The State of NY is suing the Trump Foundation and all the individuals in charge (including SCROTUS) for breaking all kinds of laws and regulations that govern charitable organizations. It is a civil suit and civil suits take a long time. It will be interesting to watch it develop.

On Friday SCROTUS saw Faux Noise out on the White House grounds and decided to go down and talk to them, followed by an impromptu press conference with other reporters, also on WH grounds.  Here’s the thing about talking to reporters “off the cuff”; these types of interviews tend to reveal how a person really feels about any particular subject since the person speaking does not have the benefit of the filter of preparation. This is no problem for someone who normally thinks about what he says, but SCROTUS does not fall into that group. With SCROTUS it is usually “in the head, out the mouth” and consequences be damned (since he feels he is not only above the law – he feels he IS the law).

So, what did SCROTUS say? A lot, but one thing stood out. SCROTUS stated that Kim Jong Un was a great and strong leader; that “when he speaks his people sit up at attention.” Then he said, “I want my people to do that.” Later he said he was kidding, but I note the following:

  1. I watched the interview. There was no levity in his tone or his expression. Also, he did not make any effort to state he was kidding or joking.
  2. All comedy is based in truth.
  3. As mentioned above, this interview did not have the filter of preparation. Make no mistake, this is how SCROTUS really feels about the type of leader he wants to be. SCROTUS has autocrat envy. He wants to be a dictator. Anyone who has been paying attention already knows this.

The most serious event of last week has actually been going on for a while. SCROTUS and his minions, especially Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions, decided to celebrate Fathers’ Day by kidnapping children.

Sounds odd, right? We all know that people trying to enter the US illegally are subject to detention and deportation. After all, there are legal ways to enter. That is not the problem. The problem is, not long ago AG Jeff Sessions announced, with a great deal of glee, what he called a “zero tolerance” policy. Until this change we charged illegal immigrants, but did not always detain them prior to their hearings. Now all illegal immigrants are to be arrested and detained. The SCROTUS gang made this change knowing full well that to enforce it they would have to separate children from parents because the children can’t be arrested, only the parents can. This is what the law says, but the law does NOT require a zero tolerance enforcement. That is a totally GOP decision.

It took a while for the rest of us to realize what was really happening. When a family is caught trying to enter the US illegally the federal authorities arrest the parents and remove the children, forcibly separating the screaming, terrified children from their mothers and fathers. The children are then placed in detention centers. Of course, that’s not what the feds call them, but the only other name I can think of is concentration camp. Using “detention center” is being charitable.

If it stopped there, then the line heard from Trumpers, “Well, they should not have tried to sneak in,” would be difficult to contest despite the fact that this reasoning displays their lack of compassion.  However, (you guessed it) it does not stop there.

Many immigrants, when they arrive at our southern border, immediately ask for asylum in the US. This is a formal request with a formal system in place, and it’s completely legal. It is the farthest thing from sneaking in. Now we know that the feds are detaining those requesting asylum and taking their children as well. Additionally, it has been reported that officers took a child while that child was breastfeeding. To be fair, DHS has denied that took place saying they have not been able to find a record of that happening. Really? Like the feds are going to record “Took breastfeeding child” for all the world to see? Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but I don’t trust the federal government these days.

Outrage has been growing. There is an immigration bill with a provision to stop this separation process. SCROTUS has already said he will not sign any immigration bill with this more moderate provision unless he gets billions to build his border wall. Let this sink in. TRUMP AND HIS GANG HAVE TAKEN CHILDREN AND THE RANSOM THEY WANT IS MONEY FOR HIS WALL.

It’s one thing to be outraged. It’s another to be able to do something about this.  Many are calling it terrorism and I agree. I wish I knew what to do, but I’m afraid I’m not very imaginative. Obviously, we must get people to register and VOTE this year so we can get rid of some of the GOP. However, how many children will suffer in the meantime. I hope the ACLU is getting involved! I’ve read they are. At the end of it all, there is one thing I know for sure:


Until next week….

End of Week 315 – Hello Singapore, Goodbye Allies….


Ok, I am buckling down on my diet. I bought lots of salads for lunches since the warm weather is officially here. I hope to get to the gym at least 3 times this week. I’m finding it easier to resist things like munchies now that I am retired. Just more evidence that I am a “stress eater” I suppose. Even my husband’s medical problems don’t stress me out like work did. All I want at this point is to feel better and be more active.

The picture of the black ribbon is one I reserve for times that really call for it. This past week was one of those times. There were two celebrity suicides, so now everyone is talking about suicide prevention. My family is no stranger to suicide. I lost a son to suicide, and suicide happened in my extended family at least one other time, fairly recently. I’m glad something has sparked the discussion, but it irritates me that it took celebrity suicides to do it. I also hear a lot about suicide among military veterans. My son was not a celebrity and was not military, so he and so many like him go pretty much unnoticed.

I won’t say no one cares. There are some who promote warning sign awareness all the time. And it is a difficult subject – not only because it is a sensitive topic and still harbors a certain stigma, but also because many people just don’t know how to read the signs. They have the best of intentions, but not enough knowledge to feel comfortable deciding if what they are seeing/hearing is a warning. All we can do is spread the word.

The ribbon is also mourning the passing of the USA’s place in the international community. Trump is getting ready to meet Kim Jung Un in Singapore. The meeting is tomorrow, June 12th. No one will ever convince me Trump didn’t use that date on purpose, so he had an excuse to leave the G7 summit in Canada early. I think it was completely intentional. There is so much wrong with this whole scenario it is difficult to know where to begin.

Don’t get me wrong; I am all for improving international relations, even with an isolationist dictatorship. We get nothing done by constantly fighting. The more we can compromise and learn to live with each other, the better off we will all be. Meeting with Kim is not the problem. SCROTUS, as usual, is the problem.

SCROTUS is in the process of starting trade wars with our oldest allies – Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Great Britain. Many of our allies were at the G7 summit in Canada last week; SCROTUS showed up and proceeded to antagonize them all. He appeared to be convinced he could bully them into trade concessions, and then left right before the group started to discuss their environmental positions with Singapore as an excuse. SCROTUS is against the climate accord, so you can see why I am convinced he insisted on a June 12th meeting that would get him out of those talks. The leaders of our allies do not respect SCROTUS, and increasingly feel he is taking the US on an isolationist course. They are perfectly willing to handle things without the US if necessary.

To top it off, SCROTUS tried to bully the G7 into reinstating Russia to the group. Russia, which meddled in our elections, and which has interfered with our allies; which shot down a passenger jet while invading the Ukraine. Russia, which is led by Putin, SCROTUS’ handler. The rest of the G7 said no.

Yes, SCROTUS is the problem, and the problem in a nutshell is this: People tend to hang around those whom they wish to imitate, or at least those of like mind.  Combine how SCROTUS treated our allies with how he is handled by Putin, how he has conflicts of interest through China (mentioned in last week’s post), and how he is meeting with Kim.  The result is SCROTUS is alienating the countries that are closer to democracy so he can hang with dictators. THIS IS BECAUSE HE WANTS TO BE A DICTATOR IN THE USA. SCROTUS is suffering from autocrat envy.

The flip side of this problem is that his supporters are ok with this. Not sure why. I guess they’ve tried to bully their way through life, trying to preserve their privileged status and keep down anyone different from them, and now they have a bully in the White House so they feel safe.

I wonder how safe they will feel when our freedoms are destroyed. It has already begun.

Until next week….

End of Week 314 – Welcome to “USA – the reality show”…

Purple Tree

This week’s picture is one I post when I feel the need for tranquility and reflection. Also, it is a favorite of a lot of my friends and family.

June has arrived. We are half way through Gemini (mid-May to mid-June). The new hurricane season has begun (Puerto Rico still needs a LOT of help recovering from the last hurricane season). The weather is slowly getting warmer (although today is cool, windy, and rainy). Fathers’ Day is right around the corner (what to get my husband?). And, last but definitely least, I will turn 65 this month (OMG! How did I arrive at this??).

Sixty-five is an important age in our society. People associate it with being OLD, being a Baby Boomer, retiring. For me and those like me, turning 65 and already retired, the biggest thing is going on Medicare. Going on Medicare itself is not that big a deal. I went on-line and registered for Parts A and B, received my card in the mail, and sent a copy of the card to the Pension Office that runs my retirement benefits. However, as many TV commercials will tell you, unless you want to pay a lot out-of-pocket you need a “supplemental plan” to cover what Medicare doesn’t. This is where it can be complicated. I lucked out. The State, from which I retired, offers their own supplemental plan, with prescription coverage, through BC/BS Highmark, and since my husband and I are both State retirees we don’t have to pay for it. All this started for me on June 1st and the only thing I have to remember now is to give my new cards to various medical offices.

Another important part of turning 65 is taking care of oneself. This involves the thumbing of the nose at those who think you should slow down, while at the same time realizing that you might have to take things a little more gradually regarding new exercises and sports. No point in getting injured, right? It is also a good time to review your current diet and make improvements. Personally, I have found that being retired has given me time to cook at home more and avoid fast food – always a good thing. We are also eating a lot more salad with raw veggies. I just hope all this revamping helps me drop a few pounds.

The meeting of SCROTUS and Kim Jong Un was on.  Then it was off.  Now it is on again. Today’s headlines talk about lowered expectations and SecDef Mattis making all types of hard-liner statements. What tomorrow will bring is anyone’s guess. At the same time, SCROTUS is imposing huge trade tariffs on our allies while engaging in conflict of interest activities with China. SCROTUS promises China that tech company ZTE will be able to do business in the US (contrary to supposed sanctions). Next thing you know First Daughter Ivanka is awarded a bunch of Chinese trademarks, and a Chinese construction company is given a government loan of $500M to build a project that includes a Trump Hotel and golf course.

Our government is busy alienating our allies and cozying up to dictators, trashing our environment, and restricting the rights of individuals. So what is SCROTUS tweeting about? You guessed it – the special investigation into possible Russian interference with our elections, and possible collusion, conspiracy, or whatever you want to call it between campaigns and Russia before the election. Yep, he is still tweeting about Mueller.

Now he is including the FBI and the DOJ in his attacks. He has accused them of planting “spies” in his campaign (back in 2016) and using informants for “political purposes”. In reality, the FBI received information indicating Russia was up to no good relating to our elections so they told BOTH campaigns about it, and then proceeded to investigate. They were just doing their job. If they had done nothing, SCROTUS would be complaining about that. In fact, he has. Well, have they been looking into Russian connections or not? SCROTUS can’t have it both ways. This is nothing but DISTRACT, DISTRACT, DISTRACT!!

The entertainment industry has a saying, “Love me or hate me, just don’t ignore me.” This describes SCROTUS well, although, he needs a lot more of the “love me” part. Anyone who pays attention to the way SCROTUS talks will realize it is all about him as far as he is concerned. Everything has to be about him and it all has to be positive. If it is negative, it is “fake”. I don’t think he is very happy being in his appointed job. He was happy when he was campaigning because it was just one rally after another before well choreographed and well scripted “adoring crowds”. As I’ve mentioned before, the man is an adoration addict. He needs a 12-step program. He is still going to rallies as often as possible so he can get his adoration fixes.

We are in a holding pattern at the moment. With SCROTUS it is always, “You’d like to know this, wouldn’t you? Well, stay tuned.” Life in the US has become one big reality TV show, and I despise reality TV shows. I just hope this one doesn’t end with a dictator taking over.

Until next week….

End of Week 313 – Serious Thoughts on Memorial Day


WARNING: This post expresses my politically incorrect, and I’m sure very unpopular, opinion on why we have to have a holiday like Memorial Day. If you choose to read it, remember I am speaking of our species as a whole and those in charge of our governments; NOT about the individual members of the military (except that they are among the victims).

This Memorial Day I remember those who lost their lives participating in the one activity that separates the human species from all others on this planet – the willingness and desire to organize themselves to facilitate the killing of their own species for reasons other than sheer biological survival. They did not “give” their lives for our freedom. Their lives were taken from them because our government helped other governments kill the citizens and members of still other governments.

There were times we seemed to be on the side of self-defense, like in WWII. There was no question the Axis powers had to be stopped, but there was also no question that everything began with a few people wanting more power and more territory – neither of which was necessary for them to survive biologically. There have also been times when we seem to be acting out of our own greed (Middle East/oil). We try to portray ourselves as the police of the world, but our motives can almost always be traced back to needing some resource from the area affected; usually oil. Oil that we could at least partially do without if we would just switch some power to solar and wind.

The point is,  if you examine any conflict thoroughly enough, deeply enough, and in enough detail, you will find its reasons rooted in some form of human greed, or other dangerous human emotion. There is nothing heroic about war. There are no “war heroes.” There are a LOT of “war victims” – those who died; those injured physically and psychologically (including POWs like Sen. McCain, who I respect); those who lost loved ones; those orphaned; those displaced; those who had to fight and kill and then just go on with their lives with no special attention from anyone.

I am the daughter of one veteran and have been married to another veteran for 37 years. There have been many veterans in my extended family. Consequently, this is not a position I take lightly or without endless consideration. I am one of those people who knows the true meaning of Memorial Day – I just describe it differently. While everyone else is remembering “war heroes” I am remembering those same people, but to me they are the victims. The worst thing ever to happen to this planet was the development of the human intellect, and our constant waging of war is evidence of that fact.

Until next week….

End of Week 312 – And the rollercoaster continues…


Today, Sunday, is the first sunny day in more than a week.  During that week I got to the gym twice. Not what I wanted, but better than nothing. Of course, I’m trying again this coming week. Maybe things will be calmer. If week 311 was a rollercoaster, week 312 added a full loop!

Once again the nation mourns the deaths of 9 students and 1 teacher because of a mass shooting in a high school. It happened last week at Santa Fe HS in Texas. Tragic to be sure, but what made this event a little different was that it happened in Texas. There isn’t a state in this country that supports the NRA more than Texas. So, it is not surprising that the reactions of those in Santa Fe were very different from the reactions of those in other states after other shootings. In Santa Fe most refuse to see there is a firearms problem in the US. Those interviewed for, and quoted in, the articles I read blame just about anything else other than the availability of guns – lack of respect for authority; the destruction of family and community; lack of “god” in schools; etc.

Respect for authority has nothing to do with a disturbed individual obtaining firearms. A supposed “destruction” of family has nothing to do with the reality of the availability of AR-15s and extra-large ammo clips. Forcing Christianity on public school students will have no positive effect on extremists making plans or the paranoia of an emotionally fragile teen (not to mention it would be unconstitutional). It’s too bad the supporters of the NRA don’t see that guns don’t kill people and people don’t kill people.  People with weapons kill people, and guns are weapons – that is their ONLY function. It is not like knives, which are also used for cooking, for example. Sure, other things can be used as weapons, but guns have no other use.

One of the horrible things about this particular mass shooting is that, if reports are accurate, none of what the NRA wants to do and none of what NRA opponents want to do would have made a difference.  The shooter was a current student at the school. He would have been there regardless and would have entered with all the other students. The shooter got his weapons from his father (may have taken them, as opposed to being given them), so it was not a question of buying them and having a background check. The shooter used the fire alarm to create mass confusion, so he didn’t have to worry about a standoff with a single teacher, or whether that teacher was armed. So neither the NRA wanting to arm teachers, nor the common sense measure of stronger background checks, would have made any difference this time.

The lesson is: There is no way we can prepare for every single possible situation. If someone wants to commit a horrific act chances are they will find a way. All we can do is try to make it more difficult, but that is not the goal of the very powerful NRA.

The other major event last week was the royal wedding – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I am not a “royal watcher”. I do not follow the lives of celebrities and do not read the tabloids, paper or electronic. I was mildly interested in the wedding, mainly because I had a preconceived idea of what the gown would look like – I was pretty spot on, too. I watched some of the ceremony and got a kick out of how shocked and confused the British guests looked during the sermon delivered by the American Episcopal Bishop.

On line I noticed that for some reason people who claimed not to care about the wedding had to post negatively about it. Seems to me that if you really don’t care about something you simply ignore it and don’t post at all. The fact that they bothered to post at all tells me they feel something – probably envy. There will always be people who become resentful over others being rich, powerful, and privileged.

As for the rest of us, I saw a meme on Facebook that said it best. Paraphrased, it said  “please don’t shit all over the royal wedding. It is beautiful, dressy, fancy, traditional, precedent breaking, and full of joy. Our country (the USA) is being run by a malignant yeast infection. We need some joy and beauty!”

There was also a lot of SCROTUS tweeting about the Mueller investigation and other Washington nonsense. I’m hoping more will develop on this going forward.

Until next week….

End of Week 311 – Rollercoaster Week…


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! We have a LOT of mothers in my family. This picture is of my mom (right), and my aunts, Carol Lee (center) and Trudy (left). Our family has a long tradition of very strong moms, going back to my grandmother and even further. Our dads have not been slouches either, but that is a subject for June.

It’s been another week of frustration regarding exercising. I keep trying to get to the gym, and other things keep coming up. We got a new front door, are getting new basement windows, need trees trimmed, and of course there are the usual medical appointments. I’m hoping next week I’ll be able to get there more (I keep saying that – one of these times it’ll happen). I’ve been eating pretty well.

In current events, there’s good news and bad news, as the old saying goes. The good news is events seem to be progressing regarding North Korea. SCROTUS will be meeting in Singapore with President Kim on June 12th, assuming everything goes as planned. Kim has announced plans to dismantle NK’s nuclear testing facility. This is being hailed as a big step forward, and I truly hope it is, but I have some reservations.

First, NK is not known for keeping promises, but that is not my biggest concern. What really worries me is that there is a BIG difference between not going forward with nuclear development, and giving up what they already have. I’m not sure we know exactly how far NK has come in becoming a nuclear power. Just what do they already have? This is worrisome, but until we see reason to doubt NK, I’m going to hope this is a true effort at establishing peaceful coexistence. My other major concern is the behavior of SCROTUS. We have no way of knowing if he will behave himself during a face to face meeting. He is a loose cannon, and will want to make it all about him. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to ensure he is diplomatic. He is an uncontrollable toddler.

The bad news is that while SCROTUS is busy taking credit for all the work done by Kim, SK prez Moon, and the US diplomatic corps, he and his minions are sinking to new lows domestically.

  • AG Sessions was almost gleeful when announcing that he intended to separate children from their parents if families cross into the US illegally. I realize if someone is caught entering illegally they should be sent back, but to WANT to separate children from parents?? To revel in the idea?? And announce it like it is some great achievement?? Happy Mothers Day from the US government! There are monsters lurking in the current administration.
  • During a discussion of opposition to SCROTUS’ CIA nominee (during a staff meeting in the WH), one aide noted the opposition of Senator John McCain (AZ) (who is fighting aggressive brain cancer) and made the comment, “It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.” This was leaked, and has caused quite an uproar. Now, the person who said it reached out to McCain’s daughter to apologize, but I haven’t heard how that went, if at all. The uproar, even more than the comment itself, was caused by the fact that SCROTUS has not said ANYTHING about the comment – not verbally nor in Twitter. He tweets about everything else, but cannot acknowledge how bad that statement was. Plus, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the subject at a press briefing she complained about the fact that the statement was leaked – not a word about the statement or the aide who said it. And, as of this writing, the aide still has her job. To paraphrase Joe Biden, we wondered when decency would hit rock bottom with this administration. It happened at that staff meeting.

And just so you know the bad news is not restricted to the domestic front, SCROTUS has pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal. Why is this bad? Because it sends the message that the US cannot be trusted to keep its promises or stick to its deals. This could eventually affect our dealings with NK, but a more immediate concern is how Iran will react. Our allies who signed the deal with us have said they will continue to uphold the deal, and Iran may continue to work with them. This will leave the US looking like the pouty kid that didn’t like what was happening and stomped away.

Fact is, nothing SCROTUS has said about the Iran deal has any foundation in fact.  The ONLY reason SCROTUS hates the deal is that it was created during the Obama administration, and SCROTUS is determined to dismantle everything that happened then. Even if it means we look like spoiled, angry toddlers.

That certainly fits SCROTUS anyway.

Until next week….